Uncaging A Deeper Love…

We can fearfully embrace lifes shallow affections Or uncage a deeper love of the soul; waiting to proclaim grace into our existence   A deeper love of change and infinite depth. Something our world waits for.     Photo by Naletu on Unsplash ©Nessa Sheron 2017 All Rights Reserved    

Like The Petals Of A Rose

Bloom far above the paths where you've been placed Look upon the gentleness of your spirit; which in turn has been the way to your endurance and wisdom to grow past the thorns of others; as your own remain a reflection of your strength And like the petals of the rose, be known for your... Continue Reading →

It Is About The Journey

We run from the rain of today with thirst for tomorrows sun Without knowing the entire journey isn't about where we have begun; or what we will face; but it is about the way we carry each step we take into the end   Pixabay - (Image) ©Nessa Sheron 2017 All Rights Reserved  

Only In Waiting

Many times our hopes reflect a fate our souls already know and we are only in waiting; like the shadow of the moon -N.S.   It is a beautiful thing it be so rested in your hope, that you would become like the moon; waiting for the light of the sun it knows will come.... Continue Reading →

Guided : A Grace From Above

A Grace From Above [Poem] Despite the mistakes my feet have been ready to make, there is a power that will not leave destiny at stake An alpha eagle amidst the winds of his love is the rock he planted me to be My sights rest above and into a higher grace beyond the skies... Continue Reading →

Like An Invisible Lion…

Faith is like an invisible lion known only to the heart of which it is born and the darkness it lives to devour - Nessa Sheron There is something so powerful about faith. A fire in darkness guiding one's hope into where it truly belongs. Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped... Continue Reading →

Peace In Faith

Sometimes the one who knows the most makes the greatest mistakes due to haste Haste for expressing earnest faith Yet with not enough hope to wait Maybe your wisdom needed to be covered in the blanket of peace to know the light of grace #hastenotfaith ©Nessa Sheron 2017 All Rights Reserved This is an older piece describing how... Continue Reading →

Even In Silence

She wrapped her visions in sentimental thoughts creating a melody that followed her even in silence - Nessa Sheron A dreamer turning all she sees into wisdom and poetry and harboring her insights within the depths of her spirit.   ©Nessa Sheron 2017 All Rights Reserved @AnnaER - Pixabay (Image)

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