You Give

You give from the arms where you choose to carry–  unwithering like the stillness of faith where you stand just as the earth gives without reluctance because you rise for the weakest and broken ones —N.S.   Thank you for reading! I will be updating my Instagram page soon (@nessa_sheron) with more short prose and … Continue reading You Give

Made for More

You are a timeless rhythm of divine grace made for more than the realms you remain a part of and cling to Buried yet bearing fruit because of who you are I wish I could tell you the date I know will come; When the truth for you will unravel itself revealing the whole you've … Continue reading Made for More


Her teardrops fell like diamonds; rebuilding her hearts wings of resilience —N.S.   Making use of what is gone no matter how many shadows fall behind her still inflamed memories Tying stale hopes to new dreams Even what has enclosed her adds to her strength ♥ ©Nessa Sheron 2018 All Rights Reserved Photo by Anjana Menon on Unsplash