Her teardrops fell like diamonds; rebuilding her hearts wings of resilience —N.S.   Making use of what is gone no matter how many shadows fall behind her still inflamed memories Tying stale hopes to new dreams Even what has enclosed her adds to her strength ♥ ©Nessa Sheron 2018 All Rights Reserved Photo by Anjana Menon on Unsplash


Within The Grace of Time

Let the past go but not through you; to stifle you but for you to pass over When the pain makes way to dissolve within the grace of time Pass over the past and overcome -N.S. A short one— aiming at the ways we can hold onto elements of the past that harm us and … Continue reading Within The Grace of Time


Disruptions of the past remain daunting chapters until we embrace and write upon the infinities of tomorrows voice; a force for all that can become,  all that really was and the greatest challenger to pain— a melody waiting for your hearts truth to form and to rewrite  ♥   Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov ©Nessa Sheron 2017 All … Continue reading Rewritten